Technological innovation, Scientific production

Wuxi Cima Science Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, manufacturing and marketing. Our company has always been adhering to the idea “Innovation accomplishes enterprise, Science leads trend”. Company pumped funds into team building and technological innovation since R&D center founded.


Wuxi Cima Science Co., Ltd is conducting close cooperation with over 20 institutes and universities including Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Food Academy of Jiangnan University, Nanjing University of Technology, Biology Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences. The R&D center gets an allocation up to 10 million and owns many precise instruments like high performance liquid chromatograph, HPAEC ion chromatography, atomic absorption spectroscopy, atomic fluorescence photometer, meteorological chromatography - mass spectrometry, electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer, element analyzer. What is more, the talent team building is more than developed. There are forty professional engineering and technical personnel,including three senior engineers, five doctors, ten masters, and more than twenty technicians. Technical training and seminars are held all along from beginning to end by professors and experts.

R&D center takes “let customers enjoy the safe and effective nutritional health products” as its mission, and conducts innovation and research in the three major fields of natural herb extracts, nutritional chemicals and OEM service. We are committed to improving quality and safety of health-care products, developing green biotechnology, leading healthy consumption concept and promoting a more healthy lifestyle.

Cima has been awarded Science and Technology Advanced Enterprises, Jiangsu Small and Medium-sized S&T Enterprise through consistent hard working. Company owns amount of sci-tech achievements with proprietary intellectual property rights(12 national patents) and core technologies which makes the capacity of scientific research come to a leading level in the world.