Mulberry Leaf Extract

Essential Information

Product nameMulberry Leaf Extract

Appearance:Yellow-green or pale yellow brown

Basis :mulberry leaves flavonoids,DNJ

Latin name:folium Mori


Mulberry leaf extract in silkworm mulberry branches before or late frost 1 ~ 3 leaves grow on the processing of mulberry leaf powder as raw material, shade drying, crushing, respectively with n-butyl alcohol, 90% ethanol and water heating leaching, and spray drying.



1、Effectively reduce the blood sugar, prevent diabetes.

2、the inhibition of small intestine absorption of sugar, have the effect of weight loss.

3、Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor.


Active Ingredients

Leaf contains rutin and quercetin glucoside, different antioxidant, quercetin - 3 - glucoside, trace amounts of beta sitosterol, and campesterol, beta sitosterol, beta - D - glucoside, the hops corticoids, meso inositol, insects, abnormal hormone achyranthes sterone and molting sterone, hemolysin and chlorogenic acid.Volatile oil composition of acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid, isobutyric acid, valeric acid, isovaleric acid, caproic acid and alien acid, methyl salicylate, guaiacol paes, phenol, cresol, m-phenylene cresol, clove oil, phenol, etc., and containing oxalic acid, fumaric acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, succinic acid, hexadecanoic acid, hexadecanoic acid ethyl ester, thirty-one alkanes, hydroxyl sweet bean extract, sucrose, fructose, glucose, lucid asparagus amino acids and amino acids such as glutamic acid.And contain vitamin C - 200 ~ 300 mg %, glutathione 140 ~ 400 mg %, % 105 micrograms of folic acid, 5 - formyl four hydrogen % 22 micrograms of folic acid, vitamin B1-460 micrograms of %, ~ 800 micrograms of vitamin B2-300 %, adenine, choline, fenugreek alkali, as well as the copper 10 p. p.m., zinc 16 p. p.m., boron 35 p. p.m., mn 270 p. P.m.


How To Work

Mulberry leaf extract contains mulberry leaf, mulberry leaf flavonoid polyphenol, mulberry leaf polysaccharide, DNJ, a variety of physiological active substances such as GABA, used for the prevention and treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity, and anti-aging.Mulberry leaf extract DNA wild tajiri toxin and pueraria extract flavonoids substances combine to form a new substance, wash the pancreatic qing sugar (cics), suitable for use in a fall blood sugar, blood fat, such as anti-inflammatory effect.Mulberry leaves fall blood sugar function is achieved by two ways: one is through the alkaloid DNJ (1 - deoxidization wild tajiri toxin) inhibitory effect on two saccharide decomposing enzyme activity, thereby inhibition of small intestine absorption of disaccharides, reduce blood sugar after peak value (Kimura, 1995);2 it is through the mulberry leaf alkaloid fagomine and mulberry leaf polysaccharide promoting the beta cells will insulin, and insulin can promote cell for the use of sugar and the liver glycogen synthesis and improve glucose metabolism, and eventually to achieve the effect of blood glucose.Isolated from mulberry leaves many hydroxyl groups to a scopolamine strong glycosidic enzyme inhibition (Asano, etc., 1994);N - Me - DNJ, GAL DNJ and fagomine can significantly reduce blood glucose levels, which GAL DNJ and strongest fagomine fall blood sugar function.


Cimas products and advantage

Specification:1%-10% DNJ

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