What is it?

Horse chestnut is a wild plant. Its seed, bark, flower, and leaves are used to make medicine,is used for diarrhea, fever, and enlarged prostate;also for menstrual pain,joint pain,malaria and dysentery.

Aescin, Aescine, Aesculus hippocastanum, Buckeye, Castaño de Indias, Châtaignier de Mer, Châtaignier des Chevaux, Chestnut, Escine, Faux-Châtaignier, Hippocastani Cortex, Hippocastani Flos, Hippocastani Folium, Hippocastani Semen, Hippocastanum Vulgare Gaertn, Marron Europeen, Marronnier, Marronnier Blanc, Marronnier Commun, Marronnier d'Inde, Marronnier des Chevaux, Pu, Spanish Chestnut, Venastat, Venostasin Retard, Venostat, White Chestnut.

How does it work?

Horse chestnut contains a substance that thins the blood. It also makes it harder for fluid to leak out of veins and capillaries and weakly promotes fluid loss through the urine to help prevent water retention (edema).



English name:Horse Chestnut Extract

Category: Medicine of Regulating Qi

Latin name: Semen Aesculi

Other name:Horse chestnut,Aesculus Wilsonii Rehd or Aesculus hippocastanum L

Extract part: mature seeds

Active ingredient: Aescin

Specifications: 20%, 40%, 98% Aescin; Sodium Aescinate

Detection: UV or HPLC

Appearance: Brown powder

Applications: pharmaceutical health care supplements, beverages and food additives.



1.Anti-tissue edema

Horse Chestnut seed extract has anti-tissue edema, increased vascular permeability within the organization and the prevention of water accumulating, the rapid elimination of the role of a heavy feeling and pressure caused by local edema. Used to treat stomach, ache, abdominal distention, pain insect Malnutrition, malaria, dysentery symptoms.


Horse Chestnut seed extract powder Aescinate of proinflammatory substances such as: rat carrageenan feet, dextran, acetic acid, egg protein induced edema; erythema caused by ultraviolet radiation; intraperitoneal acetic acid-induced dye leakage; carboxymethyl protein-based cellulose inflammation caused by bleeding due to the cyst and leukocyte migration; and granuloma caused significant inhibition of both formalin filter paper method.


Horse Chestnut seed extract Aescinate cerebral edema in rats induced by triethyl tin sulfate there is swelling effect; Aescinate inhibit edema in rats induced by thermal injury; can significantly reduce the external jugular vein ligation because both sides sodium retention caused by edema and increased capillary permeability can be suppressed rabbit caused by chloroform.

Also it has a sub-acute anti-mouse saponins reduced pressure anoxia.


Horse Chestnut seed extract market

Horse Chestnut mainly wild in China, the wild resource B-AESCIN Saul higher levels suitable for Chinese medicine and extract raw materials, and the market supply to keep running at high levels. In Europe, mainly is sub-cultivated.

Affected by demand of sodium Aescinate, major domestic production of aescin pharmaceutical companies blindly drive up prices, the wild prices have doubled, but the Horse Chestnut seed extract market demand due to the international economic crisis is not strong. Combined with the domestic sources of price inflation, Horse Chestnut seed extract domestic manufacturers have been imported from abroad to alleviate the high cost of emergency.Horse Chestnut seed extract is mainly used in the cosmetics,herb extract,and is mainly focused on the needs of the United States, Canada, France, Germany and South America and other countries, reflected in the market mainly "demand continues to reduce the amount of single, increasing the number of procurement."


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