Red Yeast Rice

Product Name:

Functional Red Yeast Rice

Active Ingredients:

Monacolin K


0.4% -5%


Reddish Brown to Dark Purple Powder

Introduction: Our product functional red yeast rice is made from high-quality& non-genetically modified rice with natural solid-liquid fermentation and state out of a natural lovastatin (Monacolin K),have a good stability and good effects on lowering cholesterol.

Product advantages:

1. High quality non-genetically modified rice;

2. 100% pure natural solid fermentation;

3. The high open loop proportional Monacolin K;

4. No citrinin;

5. No radiation.


1. Lower blood lipids;

2. Lower Cholesterol;

3. Prevention of Alzheimer's disease;

4. Prevent osteoporosis;

5. Protect liver;

6. Antioxidant.

Application: Used in medicine and health food.

Storage: Stored in a cool and dry condition,get away from direct sun.

Shelf Life: 2 years if stored properly.