Giant Knotweed Extract

Product Name:

Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract

Active Ingredients:



50% & 98%Resveratrol


Brown or Light White Powder

Introduction: Polygonum cuspidatum, a traditional medicine treat for  some ailments in Chinese and Japanese. Main active ingredient Resveratrol and Emodin shows a broad antioxidant properties and resveratrol could helps cardiovascular health and blood circulation, reduce pain, heat dehumidification, detoxification expectorant by experiment.


1. Anti-pyretic and analgesic;

2. Anti-cancer;

3. Prevent heart and liver damage;

4. Anti-thrombotic function;

5. Enhance wound healing immune system activity.

Application: Widely used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

Storage: Stored in a cool and dry condition, get away from direct sun.

Shelf Life: 2 years if stored properly.